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Ninja Throwing Star Magnets

Ninja Throwing Star Magnets

Ninja Throwing Star Magnets

I don't think Ninjas have refrigerators, nor magnets, but if they did and needed to hang up their scrolls of people to eliminate, they would use these cool new Throwing Star Magnets. Unfortunately, these magnetic ninja-styled shurikens are not real deadly ancient weapons, but they do feature powerful magnets on one side to complete the illusion that it's embedded into your fridge. Each set includes two throwing star magnets, perfect for any cubicle, fridge door or martial arts dojo.

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  • Each star has 2 powerful magnets for a strong grip
  • Set of 2 magnet throwing stars
  • Authentic ninja-styled shuriken box
  • Perfect for any metallic surface
  • Post notes on your fridge door or make your mark wherever you feel outnumbered

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