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RazorPit - Razor Blade Cleaner and Sharpener

RazorPit - Razor Blade Cleaner and Sharpener

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When it's time to shave that daily facial shadow or remove that November mustache, make sure your razor blades are sharp and clean using this cool new RazorPit. In between shaves, lubricate this handy razor blade cleaner and sharpener with shaving cream, run your razor blade along the surface 4-5 times with slight pressure, and then rinse with warm water to effectively remove the hair, skin, and soap residue left behind on the blade's edge making it dull. The surface is made from recycled Thermo Plastic Elastomeric, a highly stable, inactive material with the properties of silicone and rubber, and gives an average user 6 times the number of shaves. A great way to look sharp and save money at the same. Great gift.

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