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Homestar Spa - 21st Century Bath Planetarium

Homestar Spa - 21st Century Bath Planetarium

Homestar Spa - 21st Century Bath Planetarium

The next time you're relaxing in the bathtub, sit back, look up and let your mind wander as you drift through the stars with the cool new Homestar Spa - 21st Century Bath Planetarium.

Drop this floating waterproof planetarium in the water, turn down the lights and the device brightly projects the stars outward into the room or even underwater. Even better, there are three different interchangeable domes included for changing the mood: Starry Sky, Rose Bath which projects floating rose petals and Deep Blue Ocean which simulates a calming underwater effect with a shadow of a swimming stingray. It literally takes baths to a whole new galactic level, so it's too bad I'm a shower person.

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  • Waterproof planetarium floats in water
  • Bright light projects out into the room or can be flipped over underwater
  • Includes 3 graphic domes: Starry Sky, Rose Bath and Deep Blue Ocean
  • Creates relaxing atmosphere using ambient lighting
  • Includes replacement bulb
  • Power: AA battery x 3
  • Size: 8.3" x 5.5" x 8.3"

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