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Crystal Mouthwash Decanter

Crystal Mouthwash Decanter

Crystal Mouthwash Decanter

There are crystal decanters for fine wine, top shelf scotch and now for the most desirable liquid of all, mouthwash. Yes that's right, show off your favorite brand of mouthwash in one of these elegant new Crystal Mouthwash Decanters. This 24% lead crystal vessel even features a unique stopper that doubles as a 6 oz. drinking or pouring cup. It sure beats taking a swig from the bottle.

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  • 24% lead crystal vessel
  • Stopper serves as a 6oz drinking or pouring cup
  • Perfect for water, mouthwash, bubble bath, bath oil and more
  • 8" high
  • Hand wash
  • Made in the Czech Republic

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