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Ship-in-a-Bottle Whiskey Decanter

Ship-in-a-Bottle Whiskey Decanter

Ship-in-a-Bottle Whiskey Decanter

When a model clipper ship in a glass bottle is surrounded by a raging sea of whiskey, you get this cool new Ship-in-a-Bottle Whiskey Decanter. This stunning liquor decanter stores and dispenses everything from whiskey and bourbon to tequila and wine to even your finest mouthwash inside a hand-blown borosilicate glass decanter with an intricately handcrafted ship seemingly floating in the center. It sits atop a handcrafted wooden base and features a stainless steel spigot and a ground glass stopper on top to prevent evaporation. Sure to drop a few jaws in your home pub and, if you go with the mouthwash option, your bathroom as well.

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  • Hand-blown liquor decanter with an intricately detailed glass ship inside
  • Handcrafted wooden base is made in kentucky by master craftsmen
  • Liquor dispenser for vodka, rum, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, wine, tequila, or even mouthwash
  • Pure essence of the liquor is preserved and not evaporated
  • 100% lead-free thick, durable borosilicate glass
  • Capacity: 1150 ml

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