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Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade

Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade

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We've all seen those commercials for a certain brand of beer that shows a bartender skimming a blade over the top of the glass to lop off the beer foam head. It's not just to be overly fancy when dealing with excess beer foam, it actually creates a thin layer on top that locks in the aromas of the beer. Well, now you no longer need to be an extra in a beer commercial to have this done to your next glass, because you can do it yourself with this cool new Perfect Pour Beer Knife. This unique beer foam skimming bartender's tool features a polished stainless steel blade that precisely lops off a foamy head at the optimal angle as it smoothly slides over the top of the glass. The perfect gift for beer lovers who take the simple act of pouring it to grandiose levels.

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Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
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Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
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Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
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Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
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Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
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Perfect Pour Beer Foam Skimmer Blade
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