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Titanium Utility Ring

Titanium Utility Ring

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Are you always looking for something to help you open cardboard shipping boxes, remove annoying package bands, slice through sealed plastic packaging, saw off small branches, cut through fishing line, or just pry off bottle caps? Then forget carrying around a bulky Swiss Army Knife in your pocket and simply slip this cool new Man Ring from Boone Rings onto your finger instead. This unique utility ring is handcrafted from aerospace grade titanium and hides a flip-up miniature straight blade, serrated blade, saw blade, and a little beard/mustache comb, plus it even has a built-in bottle opener. Just slide it on a finger and you'll always have a discreet, compact blade or opener on you ready to go. It also makes a cool gift.

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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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Titanium Utility Ring
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