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Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment

Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment

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The Schrodinger's Cat Thought Experiment basically states that with quantum mechanics a cat in a box is simultaneously both alive and dead at the same time until the box is opened and the cat is observed. I think the bigger question to ask is how do they even know there's a cat in the box to begin with? It's like if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Well, how do you know the tree fell? Anyways, now you can order your very own Schrodinger's Cat in a Box Experiment, which is a sealed cardboard box with an enamel cat pin inside that either says Alive or Dead on it. I think it's even more fun and interesting to not even open it at all and let the quantum realm begin to twitch a bit with pent up, unobserved energy... or something. There was no tree.

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Practice Cuff - Learn to Pick a Real Handcuff
This is a real handcuff, just one side, that can used to learn how to pick with a paperclip or hairpin or any similar small piece of metal and has a handy clear acrylic window that lets you see the inner mechanical workings of the lock as you practice.
Star-Shaped Cucumber Mold
Just slide these molds over small baby cucumbers that are in your garden and they'll be forced to grow into fun star shapes that make salads more decorative and pickles more interesting.
English Garden Worm Gin
This unique dry English Gin has been infused with a tasty, nutritious, and extra creepy crawly earthworm that can be eaten after drinking.
Luxury Treehouse Dome
This luxurious tree tent is actually a giant dome that hangs over 10 feet above the ground and is perfect for camping, relaxing, or just escaping.
Grillkota - Authentic Finnish Grill House
An authentic little rustic cottage straight out of a fairy tale with a central charcoal grill surrounded by dining space for up to ten adults for all year long grilling and entertaining.
Original Wicket Ewok Fur Prop from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
This little 1 cm swatch of authentic Ewok fur was cut from the original Wicket Ewok costume used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and encased in a three-part acrylic block that includes a signed certificate of authenticity and a photo card of Wicket. No actual Ewoks were harmed. Yub Nub!
Manhattan Project Shield Window
Here's an ominous piece of history that can be yours.
MSCHF Big Fruit Loop
This Big Fruit Loop from MSCHF is just that, a single gigantic fruit-flavored breakfast cereal loop in a random color that takes up an entire cereal box.
Massive Inflatable Sandworm from Beetlejuice
If you don't want to wait for the afterlife to see a Sandworm on Saturn, well now you can see one in your very own front yard (only if you're alive) with this cool new yet quite 1980s massive 9.5 foot tall Inflatable Sandworm from Beetlejuice.

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Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
This fun party necklace has eight flashing Christmas lights, three different modes, and includes a good chance of you getting attacked by a crazed Christmas tree loving cat.
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
Just like the real thing, these fun video game inspired treasure chests illuminate when you lift up the lid and play a satisfyingly familiar treasure-finding tune.
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
Just like the decoder rings from the old time radio era, now you too can send and receive secret messages using this clever stainless steel ring that substitutes numbers for letters or letters back into numbers.
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
This fascinating miniature snow globe necklace contains an actual preserved snowflake floating inside that was collected as it fell from the sky over Canada.
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
Your favorite childhood candy...but now you can wear it around your neck in solid sterling silver!
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
In the 21st century, the little cracked computer symbol with a green circle, a blue square and a red triangle is almost as common to see as the smiley face. Well, now there's the ironic Broken Image Necklace.
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
Slip on this tiny ring-sized working handcuff crafted from polished aerospace grade titanium just for your finger.
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
These handmade novelty earrings have little bags of Cool Ranch Doritos dangling off the wire. Tiny chips not included.

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