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Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace

Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace

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Since no two are alike, a single real snowflake ice formation is probably one of the most unique, delicate, and rarest items to behold... until it instantly melts on contact. This problem seems to have finally been solved though with this cool new Real Snowflake Globe Necklace from creator Dalhai Vela (and a little help from the weather). This fascinating miniature snow globe necklace contains an actual preserved snowflake floating inside that was collected as it fell from the sky over Yellowknife in Canada's Northwest Territories. The snowflake will never melt or fade away inside its little snow globe as it sits upon a sterling silver base attached to an adjustable sterling silver chain. It also includes a Certificate of Authenticity card that details each snowflake's stats as well. It also makes a truly unique gift, esp. for a 25th silver anniversary... hmm, I'm not sure what anniversary year is for giving ice crystals. ❄️

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The Schrodinger's Cat Thought Experiment basically states that with quantum mechanics a cat in a box is simultaneously both alive and dead at the same time until the box is opened and the cat is observed. This sealed cardboard box contains an enamel cat pin inside that either says Alive or Dead... but which one will you get?
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These handmade novelty earrings have little bags of Cool Ranch Doritos dangling off the wire. Tiny chips not included.
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Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
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Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
Feeling a bit strange, unusual, or possibly even dead? Then you need to contract the services of the afterlife's leading bio-exorcist, draw a door, and attempt to understand the Handbook for the Recently Deceased from the Handbook for the Recently Deceased Press.
Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
They never did find the body of that little boy named Jason Voorhees who drowned while camp counselors weren't paying attention, but wouldn't it be cool anyways to own a bottle of genuine water drawn from Camp Crystal Lake AKA Camp Blood AKA Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the actual filming location of 1980's Friday the 13th Part 1?
Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
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Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
This winter, after trudging all day through the snow and sub-zero temperatures, possibly after escaping a devastating Wampa attack, snuggle up in the belly of this cool new Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag to keep yourself warm. Thankfully, unlike the original frozen carcass, this one doesn't smell bad on the inside!
Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
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Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
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Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
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Real Snowflake Preserved in a Mini Snow Globe Necklace
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