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I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings

I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings

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I don't know if traveling carnivals still have the game where you try to toss a ping pong pong ball into one of hundreds of miniature goldfish bowls, where you actually win the goldfish if the ball somehow lands in their bowl. I do know that as a little kid though, it was definitely my favorite carnival game to play, because if your ping pong ball did somehow end up in a tiny goldfish bowl, you got to carry around your winning goldfish in a plastic bag the rest of the day like an awesome trophy. My carnival goldfish prize somehow lasted around 5 years in our aquarium. A true survivor. Well, if you remember those long-forgotten days of winning small goldfish as prizes and want to challenge the fashion world with strange nostalgia, then skip the overpriced carnival games and simply put on these cool new I Won a Goldfish Carnival Earrings instead. While these fun earrings might not get you on the cover of a high end style magazine, they'll definitely cause anyone that happens to notice them at a county fair, amusement park, carnival, or pet store to do a double take.

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Bracelet Flask
Forget hip flasks. This clever ring-shaped porcelain flask lets you accessorize and get your drink on with an interior 1.5 oz capacity topped with a stylish cork.
Gummy Bear Necklace
Your favorite childhood candy...but now you can wear it around your neck in solid sterling silver!
Secret Decoder Ring
Just like the decoder rings from the old time radio era, now you too can send and receive secret messages using this clever stainless steel ring that substitutes numbers for letters or letters back into numbers.
Titanium Utility Ring
This titanium utility ring hides a flip-up mini straight blade, serrated blade, saw blade, and a beard/mustache comb, plus it even has a built-in bottle opener.
Cool Ranch Doritos Earrings
These handmade novelty earrings have little bags of Cool Ranch Doritos dangling off the wire. Tiny chips not included.
Schrodinger's Cat In A Box Thought Experiment
The Schrodinger's Cat Thought Experiment basically states that with quantum mechanics a cat in a box is simultaneously both alive and dead at the same time until the box is opened and the cat is observed. This sealed cardboard box contains an enamel cat pin inside that either says Alive or Dead... but which one will you get?
Titanium Working Handcuff Ring
Slip on this tiny ring-sized working handcuff crafted from polished aerospace grade titanium just for your finger.
Illuminated LED Crystal Earrings
Broken Image Necklace
In the 21st century, the little cracked computer symbol with a green circle, a blue square and a red triangle is almost as common to see as the smiley face. Well, now there's the ironic Broken Image Necklace.

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I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
I never thought of an Artoo unit as an aquarium before, but this unique R2-D2 replica actually holds an aquarium tank in his central compartment and even provides an intimate view of the aquatic activity below using a fun built-in periscope housed in the radar eye.
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
This has to be one of the most beautiful home aquariums we've ever seen. The ASP Space Aquarium is an elliptical suspended aquarium with no visual obstructions.
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
An above the water floating observation tank that allows koi or goldfish to swim up and view our mysterious world while letting us inspect them up close too.
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
Just fill up the glass bowl with water, tap on the top and watch as the goldfish inside realistically comes to life - no feeding or future flushing required, just batteries.
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
A self-sustaining delicate balance of earth, water, air and life (red shrimp, algae and microbes) - all parts of a working self-supporting ecosystem - wrapped up in a beautiful glass sphere for your desk or home.
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
This fun betta fish bowl is shaped like a miniature glass swimming pool complete with a copper diving board, should it so choose to decide to practice some high dives or majestic belly flops.
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
This innovative closed-loop eco-system allows vegetable plants and herbs growing on top to clean the water in the aquarium below, while the fish waste produced in the aquarium below fertilizes the plants above.
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
Modern aquarium that offers a stunning 360 degree view and gives the illusion of a column of water suspended in mid-air!
I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings
This stylish little condo-inspired aquarium features a stackable design and is perfect for a space-limited office or home.

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