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I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings

I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings

I Won Goldfish Carnival Earrings

I don't know if traveling carnivals still have the game where you try to toss a ping pong pong ball into one of hundreds of miniature goldfish bowls, where you actually win the goldfish if the ball somehow lands in their bowl. I do know that as a little kid though, it was definitely my favorite carnival game to play, because if your ping pong ball did somehow end up in a tiny goldfish bowl, you got to carry around your winning goldfish in a plastic bag the rest of the day like an awesome trophy. My carnival goldfish prize somehow lasted around 5 years in our aquarium. A true survivor. Well, if you remember those long-forgotten days of winning small goldfish as prizes and want to challenge the fashion world with strange nostalgia, then skip the overpriced carnival games and simply put on these cool new I Won a Goldfish Carnival Earrings instead. While these fun earrings might not get you on the cover of a high end style magazine, they'll definitely cause anyone that happens to notice them at a county fair, amusement park, carnival, or pet store to do a double take.

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