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Aquavista - Wall Mounted Aquarium

Aquavista - Wall Mounted Aquarium

Aquavista - Wall Mounted Aquarium

The world is getting strange when people spend loads of cash on flat screen plasma televisions just to display realistic aquarium screensavers. Sure they're easy to take care of, but come on. Well now there's the Aquavista 500 which is a flat screen wall mounted aquarium too, but this one is 100% genuine. It's completely automated with built-in advanced filtration, lighting, air pump and heating systems and also includes an embedded LCD environment control panel on the side. The Aquavista is only around 4.5 inches deep with a 400 square inch viewable area, so just hang it like a living painting. It's not as cool as a room dividing shark tank, but it would definitely have your friends doing a second take.

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  • High quality plastic black base with transparent polycarbonate screen
  • Advanced pump and filtration system (built-in)
  • Specially designed overhead lighting system (built-in)
  • Computer controlled heater and thermometer (built-in)
  • Proprietary embedded LCD control panel with built in thermostat and simple GUI
  • Realistic underwater photo
  • Steel wall mounting bracket
  • Advanced filtration media and underwater gravel
  • Aquarium accessories including: gravel vacuum, fish net, extendable claw, etc.

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