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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!

Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!

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No matter whether you're looking for some unique, quirky, or unusual decor, run an Asian restaurant, or just have really huge hands, check out these cool new Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks. These massive hardwood chopsticks stand nearly 6 feet tall, are 3 inches square, and look just like the real thing, only way, way, way bigger. They feature Chinese lettering that translates to 'the bigger, the better' and are available with either a natural honey oak or black finish. Hmm, I guess they would also be great for impromptu self-defense sticks, competitive humongous chopstick throwing, fun photography props, or just sticking them in the ground like a giant left them behind after dinner to confuse your neighbors. An equally massive fortune cookie is not included... but now I'm on the lookout for one!

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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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Gigantic Wooden Chopsticks - 6 Feet Tall!
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