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Light My Fire Spork - Spoon / Fork / Knife Combo Utensil

Light My Fire Spork - Spoon / Fork / Knife Combo Utensil

Light My Fire Spork - Spoon / Fork / Knife Combo Utensil

The Light My Fire Spork just might be the perfect utensil. These cool new hybrid utensils combine the spoon, fork and knife together into one unique and versatile tool. On one end, you have your spoon and on the other is a four-tine fork and a knife with sawtooth blade along the side. They are made from a heat-resistant, dishwasher safe and extremely durable polycarbonate material that won't melt in boiling hot campfire water or scratch your non-stick cookware. They are even compatible with Leave No Trace ethics (a program designed to assist outdoor enthusiasts with their decisions about how to reduce their impact when they camp, hike, picnic, etc.). These truly are a great solution for backpacking, picnicking and other hungry outdoor explorers and I'm half-tempted to replace all of my current silverware for the simplicity of these.

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  • Versatile spoon-fork-knife combo
  • One end is the spoon - the other features a four-tine fork and knife with sawtooth blade
  • Ideal for backpacking and picnicking
  • Heat resistant Polycarbonate material - doesn't melt in hot/boiling water
  • Won't scratch non-stick cookware
  • Machine washable and extremely durable
  • Won't scratch non-stick cookware
  • Compatible with Leave No Trace ethics
  • Available in: Standard size (Black), Large size (Black), 4-pack (Multi-color)
  • Standard size is 6.75" long
  • Large size is 10" long
  • Weight: 7 g (Standard size)

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