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Spoon Straws - Sip, Stir, and Scoop

Spoon Straws - Sip, Stir, and Scoop

In this glorious age of various dining utensils all merging together in unity, like Sporks (spoon + fork), Knorks (knife + fork), and Chorks (chopsticks + fork), along come these cool new Spoon Straws AKA Stroons AKA Spraws. Combining the spoon and the straw into one reusable, stainless steel utensil, now one can sip, stir, and/or scoop frozen cocktails, ice cream floats, slushies, smoothies, soups, and more. They even include colorful silicone bands to provide extra grip and help everyone from somehow getting them all mixed up while eating, er, drinking, er, both. Can Spork Straws AKA Strorks be far behind?

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