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Shaken Chemist Cocktail Set

Shaken Chemist Cocktail Set

Shaken Chemist Cocktail Set

Combine your love of science with your love for cocktails when you shake up tasty alcoholic concoctions inside this cool new Shaken Chemist Cocktail Set. This booze mixing kit looks like something straight out of a chemistry lab or, even better, the wet bar in a mad scientist's secret underground lair. It includes a 1 liter laboratory mixing flask, a cork stopper to prevent spills while shaking up boozy experiments, and a handy guide full of cocktail recipes. Goofy humpback assistant not included.

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  • Turn your kitchen into a burbling booze laboratory
  • Treat mixology like the experimental science it is
  • 1 liter mixing flask with a sturdy cork bung to prevent spills
  • Includes a well-stained notebook full of cocktail recipes

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