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Ice Pack Secret Flask - Hides in Plain Sight

Ice Pack Secret Flask - Hides in Plain Sight

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When it comes to outdoor boozing, nobody wants to stand in long lines, pay for over-priced drinks, or be told it's not allowed. The solution is this cool new Ice Pack Flask. No matter whether you're at the beach, tailgating, relaxing poolside at the hotel, watching a concert, or just anywhere outdoors with a mighty thirst, keep your booze discreetly hidden right in plain sight inside these realistic faux ice packs. Just fill them up with your favorite beer, spirits, or other beverages and toss in an ice chest, cooler, insulated tote, lunch bag, or backpack. Nobody would ever know. You can even fill and freeze them with water too to make an actual ice pack, so perhaps buy a few to mix together in the bottom of a cooler.

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