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Beer Darts

Beer Darts

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While not quite as terrifying as mixing beer with those old giant lawn darts, these cool new Beer Darts mix drinking beer and throwing regular-sized darts at the cans instead. Just place each beer stand on the ground about 10 feet away, crack open two cold ones and secure them on the stand, insert a piece of cardboard into the clip for extra protection, and then take turns throwing the included darts at each other's cans. If you pierce your opponent's can, they must plug the hole and drink until the leak stops. If the darts bounces off the can, they must take a single drink. Whoever finishes their beer first, loses the game. You can also win instantly by sinking a dart into the hole on top. They feature strong magnets to hold the bases together when storing, slots to hold the darts, built-in bottle openers, and are made in the USA. It's perfect for tailgating, backyard cookouts and parties, or just taking out some aggression on beer brands you don't like. Please drink and throw dangerous, sharp darts at beer cans responsibly. Check out the videos below to see it in action. 🍺🎯

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Banana Pool Table
Yep, a pool table shaped like a giant banana.
PinPres Shelf - Giant Interactive Pin Press Storage Shelf
This gigantic interactive pin press storage shelf allows one to move the beech wood pegs in and out to make room for objects like books, toys, and more.
Create A Castle - Sand or Snow Castle Split Mold Building Set
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Massive 20 Foot Tall Inflatable Soccer Dartboard
A massive 20 foot tall inflatable dartboard for your backyard that lets players take turns aiming and kicking soccer balls that stick to the board just like scoring a regular game of darts.
Wright Flyer Replica Airplane Kite
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Krypton Glow In The Dark Thinking Putty
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Beer Darts
Unlike the typical disposable plastic red party cups, this more sophisticated drinking vessel is crafted from shiny gold-tone finished steel that is reusable over and over again.
Beer Darts
While everyone else is mingling around the party drinking martinis and margaritas from their fancy glasses, you'll be chugging them down from a genuine mason jar mounted atop an opulent stem with working screw-on lids.
Beer Darts
Set of four 11oz glass tumblers that have been hand-dipped in a black polymer in Houston, Texas to give them a unique dripping wax look.
Beer Darts
Tabletop dispenser holds, chills, illuminates and dispenses 80 ounces of your favorite beverage like beer, wine, margaritas, juice, iced tea, water and more!
Beer Darts
A whisky tasting glass shaped like a wider version of the classic Glencairn glass with a chillable metal base that properly chills down the drink without dilution.
Beer Darts
These stemless red wine glasses have a unique curvy design for a superior grip and to help mix in flavor-enhancing oxygen (aeration) when you give them a swirl.
Beer Darts
This portable, yet durable drinkware set includes four chrome-plated stainless-steel shot glasses that store neatly inside a genuine-leather snap-close case.
Beer Darts
Fun beer drinking vessels shaped like barbells, so you can work your biceps while you down a few cold ones.
Beer Darts
They not only keep your martinis and other mixed drinks colder longer, they also seem to suspend the drinks for a unique modern look.

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