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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber

Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber

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This New Year's Eve, after a glorious victory, or whenever it's just time to bust out some fine Champagne bubbly, use this cool new Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber to spectacularly slice open the bottle just like Napoleon Bonaparte would do if he was partying with you. This impressive Champagne bottle-cleaving saber is forged from a single piece of stainless steel that's perfectly balanced and has a modern matte black finish. Just chill a bottle of Champagne, remove the foil and little cork cage, aim the bottle away from everyone, and then swiftly slide the saber blade along the seam of the bottle until it reaches the lip at the neck, and then bask in the cheers of the delighted crowd as the top of the bottle goes flying cleanly off as a single piece. Then just pour the Champagne like usual and go find that flying bottle top. It comes with a wooden storage box and makes a great gift for anyone who loves Champagne or just a flair for the dramatic. Check out the video below to see the proper way to saber a Champagne bottle.

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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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Vinotive PRO Champagne Saber
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