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Alessi Pop-up Bottle Cap Remover

Alessi Pop-up Bottle Cap Remover

Alessi Pop-up Bottle Cap Remover

Don't you hate it when you try to twist off a bottle cap only to realize it's not a twist-off? It's really annoying. Well, the solution is to keep one of these cool new Alessi Pop-up Bottle Cap Removers ready to go at all times. This sleek, modern bottle opener uses an innovative method to remove bottle caps. Just insert the bottle, push down and the cap is quickly popped off. Within this stainless steel contraption is a magnet that holds the cap to prevent it from falling to the floor. Is it overkill? Absolutely!

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  • Designed by by Giovanni Alessi Anghini
  • Push down to remove a bottle cap and magnet within holds it
  • Constructed of stainless steel and thermoplastic resin
  • Mirror-polished finish
  • Pressure opening mechanism
  • Simple, curvaceous design
  • Size: 3.75" H x 3.15" W x 3.15" D

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