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Cast Iron Raven Bottle Opener

Cast Iron Raven Bottle Opener

Cast Iron Raven Bottle Opener

Once upon a midnight dreary, this cool new Cast Iron Raven Bottle Opener will crack open beer bottles and make you cheery. Forget all that tapping at your chamber door, for this black raven will be way too busy opening more. Constructed from weighty cast iron in the shape of an ominous raven, it'll surely be loved by thirsty guests partying at your Halloween haven. Now who's gently rapping, rapping at the front door? Oh geez, who invited Lenore? Never - Nevermore!

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  • Cast iron bottle opener shaped like a raven
  • Nevermore will you struggle in front of guests to pop the top on your favorite craft brew
  • Simple, difficult-to-break design
  • Comfortable, heavy weight in hand - Hard to get rid of. Literally
  • Perfect for Halloween entertaining or any dark night of the year
  • Great gift idea for that fan of eerie ephemera

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