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Bottle Opener Slot Game

Bottle Opener Slot Game

Bottle Opener Slot Game

With this cool new Snake Eyes - Pop Your Top Game hanging on the wall, not only will you and your fellow beer drinkers always have a bottle opener that doesn't keep walking off, you'll also get to play a fun game of chance with the falling cap. To use, just pop off a cap on the opener, let it drop into the peg maze and wait as it plinks around until finally settling in a slot on the bottom with instructions like telling a story, chugging a drink, toasting the host, playing truth or dare, and more. Each is handmade in Minneapolis, Minnesota by designer Jeremy Exley.

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  • Bottle opener with cap drop game
  • Game-show inspired opener turns liberated bottle caps into pawns that plink down to prompt party antics
  • Acrylic holds bottle caps in until slid up for removal
  • Mounts to wall with a single screw
  • Materials: metal, pine wood, acrylic, baltic birch wood
  • Handmade by Jeremy Exley in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
  • Size: 15.5" L x 11.5" W x 1.5" H

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