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Throttle - Tiny One-Handed Bottle Opener

Throttle - Tiny One-Handed Bottle Opener

Throttle - Tiny One-Handed Bottle Opener

Who needs a cumbersome normal-sized bottle opener when something as minuscule as this cool new Throttle Bottle Opener exists? This tiny, one-handed bottle opener is constructed from extra hard stainless steel, has a built-in rare earth magnet to stick it to metallic surfaces, has a hole to secure it to a key ring, and comes in either polished steel, black, and copper finishes. Just place the jaws of the opener on the edge of a bottle cap, lock your thumb along it and grip the neck of the bottle, and then give it a slight push to pop the cap off with ease.

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  • Small enough to fit on top of a bottle cap and efficient enough to easily use one-handed
  • Cast in extra hard stainless steel (not soft aluminum) to hold up against sharp metal bottle caps
  • Bottle shaped hole to put on your key ring
  • Use it with one hand to open that bottle
  • Powerful rare earth magnet to easily finds its way to your bottle's cap or any magnetic surface
  • Keep it on the fridge so it's on hand whenever you pull out a cold one
  • Colors: Natural polished steel, stealth black, copper
  • Size: 1.25" - 0.4 oz

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