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Viski Liquor Aging Kit - Charred Oak Sticks with Stopper / Pourer

Viski Liquor Aging Kit - Charred Oak Sticks with Stopper / Pourer

Viski Liquor Aging Kit - Charred Oak Sticks with Stopper / Pourer

Give your whiskey and other favorite spirits a boost in flavor and aroma and smooth out the harsher notes when you mimic the aging process inside an oak barrel within the bottle itself, except much quicker, using this cool new Viski Liquor Aging Kit. This unique bar tool combines a stainless steel pourer and a silicone stopper that hold a charred oak stick in suspension down in the bottle. The charred oak surface area quickly acts to age and infuse the whiskey with color, flavor, and aroma in only weeks, so only a mild bit of patience is required before enjoying. Each stick is good for a single use (2 are included), but can be reused in craft brewing and as a wood smoking chip in the grill afterwards. It also makes a great gift for whiskey lovers.

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  • Viski Liquor Aging Kit - craft a smoother bottle of whiskey
  • Liquor loves wood. Oak aging provides the unique color, flavor and aroma that we associate with fine spirits.
  • Works by exposing smaller amounts of liquor to a larger charred oak surface area
  • Just place the charred oak stick in your liquor bottle to accelerate the aging process, improve flavor and round out harsh notes
  • Create a smoother taste by filtering out harsh notes and flavors over just a few weeks
  • Charred oak aging sticks fit right into the silicone holder of the stopper pourer
  • Unlike other infusion sticks, this barware tool set holds oak in suspension
  • This allows you to easily remove the oak stick instead of leaving it sitting at the bottom of a bottle
  • Viski Liquor Aging Kit includes 2 Charred Oak Wood Sticks with a silicone stopper / stainless steel pourer
  • The charred oak interior of bourbon barrels act as a filter and flavor enhancer for the spirits within, developing a rich taste over the course of years
  • These charred oak sticks mimic aspects of this process, and in much less time
  • Perfect for whiskey lovers, this aging kit brings smoky complexity to your liquor
  • Each stick is good for one aging use
  • Used sticks can be used for barbecue smoking and even craft brewing
  • The taste difference is substantial even after just a week or 2 of aging with the charred oak stick

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