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Puffer Jacket Beer Can Koozies

Puffer Jacket Beer Can Koozies

Puffer Jacket Beer Can Koozies

This winter, keep your hands warm, your beer ice cold, and do it in trendy style by slipping your beer can into one of these cool new Puffer Jacket Beer Can Koozies. These hilarious and quite stylish can koozies look like miniature puffer jackets and are actually made from the same materials, except it has a metallic inner lining to keep the cold inside instead of out. To use, just insert favorite can of beer, soda, or sparkling water, zip up the jacket, and enjoy the festivities knowing your beer is more fashionable than you... well, at least until they make little teddy bear fur jacket koozies next year.

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  • Beer cozies get cool with this miniature puffer jacket made with the same materials as a real one
  • This little puffer jacket is so cool, even your trendiest craft beer wants to wear one
  • Soft nylon on the outside, metallic fabric inside lining and stay as cool as it knows it is
  • Keeps your hands warm, too
  • Metallic lining keeps beers cold and hands warm
  • Clip it to your backpack or belt loop with a carabiner (not included)
  • Use the notch to open your bottles
  • Materials: nylon, cotton, aluminized paper
  • Size: 3.25" W x 6.5" H

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