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Beer Bottle Candles

Beer Bottle Candles

Beer Bottle Candles

Once you turn 21 years old, do you really want a boring, bland birthday cake with candles all over it or would you rather blow out the candle on top of an ice cold bottle of beer or a bottle of wine? Your wish has come true. These cool new Skumps Original Beverage Candles are food-grade silicone sleeves that slip over the necks of beverage bottles, like beer, wine, or sodas, and hold a single candle (included) on top or even a sparkler if you prefer to be more festive. They come in single packs or 6 packs, but I believe everyone would prefer a six pack of beer candles to blow out instead of just one... or put them on as many beers as the lucky birthday recipient's age.

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  • The Original Beverage Candle from Skumps
  • Slide it on top of your favorite bottled beverage and it safely holds and displays either a birthday candle (included) or a sparkler
  • Food grade Silicone
  • One size fits most beer and wine bottles
  • Much cheaper than a cake
  • Available in single pack (with 1 candle) or a 6 pack (with 6 candles)

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