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Architectural Candles

Architectural Candles

Found: January 20, 2018 | Location: Living / Candles

Form and function melt together with these cool new Architectural Candles from sculptor Andrej Urem. These unique sculptural candles are first modeled within a computer by the sculptor and then rendered by hand with clean-burning soy wax. If you ever decide to light them up, their shapes will be preserved as the wicks burns down through a well in the middle allowing them to glow from within. Available in two versions and make cool gifts.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This helps support the site. Thanks!
As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


  • Sculptor: Andrej Urem
  • Designed to preserve their shape as the wick burns a well down the middle so they glow from within
  • Andrej uses his computer to model these sleek, interlocking sculptures, then renders them by hand in clean-burning, sustainable soy wax
  • Ambient works of art that add instant design drama to your decor
  • Make distinctive gifts for professional (or armchair) architects, designers, and art lovers
  • 100% soy wax
  • 100% cotton wick
  • Handmade in New York, USA
  • Size: 4" L x 3.8" W x 4" H

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