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Video Store Candle

Video Store Candle

Video Store Candle


As you scroll endlessly night after night through the movie selections on over a bazillion different streaming services of the modern age you might wax nostalgic over the old video rental stores of yesteryear. It was actually quicker to drive all the way to a local video store, walk up and down the aisles looking at the artwork on every single VHS box, find something that you wanted to see, and then sadly discover that it was already rented. That was only a temporary setback. What you did next was pretend to keep looking around while you waited around for your movie to get returned in the drop box and it always seemed to show up if you had patience. Then all you had to do was wait in a huge line to checkout, get publicly humiliated in front of a packed Friday night crowd of snickering customers when asked to pay a huge fee for returning Harry and the Hendersons 38 days late (true story), drive all the way back home, pop the tape into the VCR, spend minutes rewinding it because the last renter wasn't so kind, adjust the tracking, then fast forward through a bunch of piracy warnings or whatever, press the record button on the double VCR to make a copy, and then finally hit play to watch your flick. WHEW! Now those were the days! You had to go out and hunt for a movie, invest in it, and then finish it no matter how bad it was just out principle... and it still took less time to find than scrolling through apps.

Well, now you can relive a very small part of that old-fashioned video store rental experience in your very own home... the smell! This cool new yet quite retro Video Store Candle from DIO Candle Company smells just like an old video store with wafts of buttered popcorn mixed with that oddly distinctive dust and carpet scent, VHS boxes, and hints of stale candy. Each candle is handmade in Denver, CO from 100% all-natural soy wax, lead free cotton wicks, and premium fragrances and essential oils. It lasts for around 55-70 hours, which is just about how long it takes to decide that there's nothing good to watch on any of the streaming apps. So after the candle burns out, turn off the TV, grab your keys, and head out to the old movie theater instead to go see yet another terrible remake of a great old flick from like 35 years ago. The same one you wanted to watch, but that one wasn't streaming anywhere and it was $5 bucks to rent online... 😒

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