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Hidden Valley Ranch Bottle Costume

Hidden Valley Ranch Bottle Costume

Hidden Valley Ranch Bottle Costume

If you're not sure if you want to wear a scary or a sexy costume to the Halloween party this year, then just go as something that truly goes well with everything, like this cool new Hidden Valley Ranch Bottle Costume. Since Hidden Valley Ranch seems to go on everything, it might as well go on humans as well... as a Halloween costume, not as a tasty condiment! Yep, now you can dress up as giant bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing that will really put out the vibe when you hang out next to the appetizer table at the Halloween party. Hmm, maybe it is a sexy costume after all?

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  • Limited edition
  • Pour on the charm and win Halloween in this scrumptiously not-so-scary Hidden Valley Ranch bottle costume
  • 100% polyester
  • Available only in Adult size - one size fits most
  • Size: 51" L x 31" W

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