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Inflatable Kangaroo Costume

Inflatable Kangaroo Costume

Inflatable Kangaroo Costume

If you like to keep your halloween costume super simple yet the talk of the party, then check out this cool new Adult Joey Kangaroo Inflatable Costume. This oversized inflatable Halloween costume depicts you as a baby joey inside the pouch of a massive kangaroo. Just slip it on, turn on the fan to keep it inflated, and hop around the party.

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  • Inflatable kangaroo costume with you being the baby joey in the pouch
  • people are going to love seeing you hop around and having fun in this oversized costume
  • Includes: Inflatable costume, Bonnet, Bib, and Bottle
  • Zipper closure
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: One Size Fits Most

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