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12 Million Scoville - Instant Regret World's Hottest Peanut Butter

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12 Million Scoville - Instant Regret World's Hottest Peanut Butter

If your tastebuds are utterly invincible to searing intense pain, your body isn't allergic to evil peanuts, and you're flat out nuts, then I dare you to spread this cool new, er, super blazing hot Instant Regret Hot Peanut Butter on your toast. This sinisterly crazy peanut butter is infused with the infamous Bhut Jolokia Ghost Chili Pepper, the world's hottest and meanest chili pepper, and Habanero chili extract to drive the Scoville Heat Scale up to a dangerously hot and disturbing 12,000,000 Scoville heat units. In comparison, the fiery Habanero Tabasco Sauce only comes in at 7,000–12,000 SHU. It's also great for dipping chocolate bars into, spreading on celery, or making the spiciest peanut butter cookies in existence.

WARNING: Please enjoy this peanut butter responsibly.


  • Delicious crunchy peanut butter infused with 12 million SHU chilli
  • Measures an absolutely mental 12 million SHU on the Scoville Scale
  • Peanuts, Sunflower Oil, Habanero, King Naga, 12m [SHU] Chilli Extract, Sugar, Syrup, Salt
  • DO NOT Consume if you have a history of heart problems, chilli terror or any other concerns about spicy food.

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