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Tabasco Sauce - Avery Island Reserve Limited Edition

Tabasco Sauce - Avery Island Reserve Limited Edition

"We celebrate the 140th anniversary of TABASCO® by offering this very special Avery Island Reserve to those who share our passion for peppers and our innate aversion to bland food." - Paul McIlhenny, president & CEO of McIlhenny Company

If you're a huge fan of Tabasco Sauce and hot peppers in general like I am, you'll be excited to know that we can finally get a chance to try Tabasco's Avery Island Reserve. This special blend, made from the finest Avery Island peppers, has historically been available only to family and close friends of the McIlhenny Company. Avery Island, Louisiana is the birthplace of Tabasco Sauce and still where it is made today. To celebrate its 140th anniversary, Tabasco is putting out a very limited-edition supply of just 2,500 5 oz. bottles. I already ordered my bottle, so that's one less available to you, so hurry.

Tabasco Fun Fact:

Each 2-ounce bottle of Tabasco Sauce contains at least 720 drops.

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