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Edible Food Crayons - Sharpen Over Food to Add Flavor and Color

Edible Food Crayons - Sharpen Over Food to Add Flavor and Color

Edible Food Crayons - Sharpen Over Food to Add Flavor and Color

Normally, you shouldn't eat crayons or play with your food, but these cool new Edible Food Crayons let you break all the rules at the dining table. These compact culinary condiments may look like traditional crayons, except you don't scribble all over a coloring book or the tablecloth with them, you twist them in the included sharpener over foods, desserts, and cocktails to add shavings of unique gourmet flavor and a splash of color. These brightly color solid condiments are made from 100% natural, Vegan, and gluten-free ingredients and come in a variety of flavors and combinations of flavors like basil, tomato and thyme, lemon, coconut and yuzu, grapefruit and Timut black pepper, tangerine and cinnamon, and more. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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  • Created by Nadia Lahrichi
  • A fun way to add a little color (and a lot of flavor) to your meals
  • To create a culinary masterpiece, you must have the right tools, like a box of crayons, except these aren’t for doodling
  • Just twist each crayon in the included sharpener and drop five to 10 shavings onto a plate of your famous pesto pasta or one to two in your fresh margarita
  • Solid condiments, brightly colored, and packed with flavor
  • All-natural ingredients, including agar (a vegan sub for gelatin) for a satisfyingly soft texture, and apple cider vinegar for a slightly acidic bite
  • After one taste, you’ll know you’ve achieved gastronomic perfection
  • - Basil: Delicious on Italian cuisine or even on fresh strawberries
  • - Tomato & Thyme: An excellent addition to Mediterranean dishes
  • - Lemon: Adds brightness and acidity to salads, fruit dishes, and cocktails
  • -Coconut & Yuzu: A smooth yet tangy flavor that works beautifully with cocktails
  • -Grapefruit & Timut Black Pepper: Bright with a slight bitterness, this flavor pairs well with salads, avocados, fruit, cocktails, and desserts
  • -Tangerine & Cinnamon: Slightly sweet and spicy, this flavor adds dimension to salads, drinks, and desserts
  • Made in Canada

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