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Steak Wrapping Paper Set

Steak Wrapping Paper Set

Steak Wrapping Paper Set

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If you thought the Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper was cool, then you'll love to wrap your next round of gifts in... raw beef? Yep, this cool new Steak Wrapping Paper is premium gift wrap printed on vivid, high-resolution, and non-glare velvet paper stock that looks just like raw steak straight from a butcher. The Grade A set includes two sheets of steak paper, one sheet of cutting board paper, one sheet of butcher paper, twine, a meat tray, and two gift labels. This is the kind of fun wrapping paper that lets you frustrate the gift receiver in multiple layers deep of unwrapping trickery... even better if you're giving meat as a gift. Also makes a mischievous wrapping paper for any vegetarians on your gift list. Genius. - Via: Gizmodo

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