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Gingerbread Man Maple Syrup

Gingerbread Man Maple Syrup

Gingerbread Man Maple Syrup

In his cookie form, the gingerbread may have to run for his life to avoid being eaten, but when he takes form as this cool new Gingerbread Man Maple Syrup Bottle, it's the poor pancakes who are in trouble. Yes, this festive reusable glass jar shaped like a gingerbread man holds 8.45 oz of 100% pure Vermont grade A maple syrup. It's a fun and decorative way to add a little syrupy sweetness to your morning breakfasts during the holidays and it also makes a great stocking stuffer, teacher's gift, or party hostess gift.



  • 100% Pure Maple Syrup
  • Reusable glass jar shaped like a gingerbread man
  • Vermont grade A maple syrup has no fillers, additives, or preservatives
  • Vermont has the strictest laws in regards to maple syrup grades
  • Makes a perfect stocking stuffer, teacher's gift, or hostess gift
  • Made in USA
  • Size: 4" x 1.75" x 7" - 8.45 oz

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