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Hidden Valley Ranch - Double Ranch Bottle Kit

Hidden Valley Ranch - Double Ranch Bottle Kit

Hidden Valley Ranch - Double Ranch Bottle Kit

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If you love Hidden Valley Ranch dressing and like to put it on just about anything and everything, including ranch on your ranch, now you can double down with your ranch obsession by trying to snag this cool new Hidden Valley Ranch - Double Ranch Bottle Kit. Hidden Valley Ranch collaborated with the only other brand as serious about ranch flavor as Hidden Valley Ranch... Hidden Valley Ranch!! Double the herbs. Double the spices. Double the flavor. Double the ranch. Only 222 of these super limited edition gift boxes will be available on November 18, 2023, which includes this awesome double-take-inducing bottle of Double Ranch, a stylish Double Ranch bucket hat, and a Double Ranch dipping cup. The odds of getting one is very, very slim, but sometimes the thrill of the hunt is the best part, even if it's just a cool condiment bottle of the ranchiest ranch dressing ever. 😋

PS: Hidden Valley Ranch is also selling this cool new and quite adorable Ranch on a Branch plush toy, which is already selling for triple on Ebay (see below).

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