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Gigantic 31 Pound Gummy Hot Dog - 38,130 Calories!

Gigantic 31 Pound Gummy Hot Dog - 38,130 Calories!

Normally, if someone asked if you wanted to try a gummy hot dog, you would assume that it was about the same size as a normal hot dog on a bun or maybe even a footlong, but imagine your complete surprise when they literally have to drag out this cool new Gigantic Gummy Hot Dog. Weighing in at 31 pounds, laid out at over 22" inches long, and jam-packed with over 38,130 calories, don't plan on finishing this colossal fruit-flavored gummy hot dog in one sitting or even by yourself. Each of these massive gummy frankfurters are handmade in the USA by The Gummy Bear Guy and are fruit-flavored as follows: orange (bun), cherry (hot dog), and mango (mustard)... and don't you dare put ketchup on it!

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