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Popchips Make it Cool and Healthier to Snack Again!

Popchips Make it Cool and Healthier to Snack Again!

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Sometimes I just want a snack, not because it's nutritional or provides an energy boost or whatever, but just for the pure pleasure of it. Sure most snack foods are sinfully delicious, but most snacks are also just plain bad for you. Why can't there be a healthy snack that is still just as good? There is! Popchips actually make it cool and healthier to snack again.

Unlike most chips that are fried or baked, Popchips are, well, popped! They are made using heat and pressure that results in a unique all-natural popped chip that has all the flavor, half the fat, no trans fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterol and no weird preservatives. They use ingredients like potatoes, organic white corn and whole grain brown rice that come in 9 different great natural flavors ranging from original, sea salt and bbq to butter, salsa and wasabi! I can't wait until these make to the Chicago area, I'm dying to try them. I'm just not sure which flavor sounds best!

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