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Mythical Meats - Exotic Game Snack Sticks

Mythical Meats - Exotic Game Snack Sticks

Mythical Meats - Exotic Game Snack Sticks

No matter whether you're into fantasy role-playing games, reading about magical wizards, or you love just terrifying monsters, mythical creatures, or other assorted unusual beasts, now you can satisfy your voracious hunger with these cool new yet quite ancient and mysterious Mythical Meats - Exotic Game Snack Sticks. Forget all the typical, boring jerky out there and take a snarling bite into a meat stick with flavor names like Werewolf, Mermaid, Unicorn, Dragon, Gremlin, Bigfoot, Kraken, Loch Ness Monster, and so much more. They come in 10 packs of Original creature flavors, Humanoid flavors, or a bag of Mystery Meats that mix up the two and throw in some tasty limited edition holiday flavors like Rudolph or Thanksgiving Gobbler as well. Hmm, not gonna lie, Chupacabra jerky does sound mighty tasty right now. πŸ˜‹

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  • Original Flavors:
  • - KRAKEN (Duck Maple and Beef)
  • - PEGASUS (Antelope and Beef)
  • - CHUPACABRA (Chorizo Flavored)
  • - UNICORN (Beef Smoked)
  • - PHOENIX (Sweet Pepper Turkey)
  • - CHIMERA (Venison Fire and Beef)
  • - LOCH NESS Monster (Beef and Buffalo Mild)
  • - GRIFFIN (Beef and Ostrich)
  • - DRAGON (Alligator Cajun and Beef)
  • - BASILISK (Alligator Mild and Beef)
  • HUMANOID Flavors:
  • - CENTAUR (Camel and Beef Smoked)
  • - MINOTAUR (JalapeΓ±o Pork)
  • - YETI (Andouille Yak and Beef Smoked)
  • - GREMLIN (Barbecue Style Chicken and Beef)
  • - BIGFOOT (Elk Peppered and Beef)
  • - LEPRECHAUN (Venison Fire and Beef)
  • - WEREWOLF (Venison Teriyaki and Beef)
  • - ELF (Sweet Pepper Turkey)
  • - MERMAID (Hawaiian Teriyaki Pork)
  • - TROLL (Alpaca and Beef Smoked)

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