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Canned Edible Bugs

Canned Edible Bugs

Canned Edible Bugs

Where do we draw the line with food? We eat fish, cows, chickens, plants (that are still alive!), bacteria, and just about everything else in our way, so why does the utterly annoying insect get a free pass? Insects are more than abundant, super tasty with a lot of interesting texture if you don't think about it, a healthy source of protein, and could possibly be a more sustainable food alternative for the masses in the near future. So get your taste buds ready now by sampling these cool new Edible Bugs in Tin Cans.

Yep, six tin cans filled with different edible bugs and exciting flavor combinations like, Bacon and Cheese Grasshoppers, Nori Seaweed Armor Tail Scorpions, BBQ Bamboo Worms, Salted Queen Weaver Ants, Sour Cream and Onion Dung Beetles, and Wasabi House Crickets, plus a bonus tin of Giant Waterbug Chili Paste. Yum! Not to worry, all the bugs are lab tested, professionally food processed for safety and quality, and tested and registered with the FDA.

Personally, I think a wasabi house cricket sounds delightful, but these are obviously not for everyone's discerning taste and ethics. It's an interesting topic though (feel free to flip out and disagree in the comments below) and they make an exotic gift for any adventurous foodie.

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