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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles

Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles

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These cool new Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles are a double-take-inducing fun take on boring old pool noodles / floats from a collaboration between NYC designers Jumbo and The Standard. While it may look like your swimming pool is filled with gigantic pasta noodles like macaroni, ravioli, tortellini, lasagna, and rigatoni, they're actually just inflatable and quite inedible pool floats that look like pasta - no boiling water is required, but a hot tub is preferable. They're perfect for pasta lovers, chefs, eccentric pool owners, or just anyone who needs a laugh and a swim. Hmm, surprisingly there's no inflatable spaghetti pool noodles on the menu... yet. 🍝🏊‍♂️

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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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Giant Inflatable Pasta Pool Noodles
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