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SoundFloat - Luxurious Floating Lounger With Built-in Audio System

SoundFloat - Luxurious Floating Lounger With Built-in Audio System

This summer, forget flipping off some cheap inflatable pool raft or bobbing around in the water clutching a giant foam noodle and relax in total luxury upon this cool new SoundFloat. This unique inflatable floating lounger not only comforts with memory-foam like material and comfort-air technology, it also has a built-in high end audio system with wireless Bluetooth connectivity, an over-sized cupholder, and is constructed from ultra-thick, puncture resistant PVC (float around with your dog or cat). It features 80-18K Hz audio with a 20W amplifier, dual 60mm subwoofers, waterproof speakers, a waterproof pouch for your smartphone or tablet, hands-free calling, and a 12 hour power bank to charge the lounger, phone, and other devices. Perfect for relaxing in the water, on the shore, or just anywhere at anytime and available in various sizes. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.


  • Floating Lounger with Built-In Audio System
  • Relax and play your favorite tunes at the pool or beach with built-in high end audio system
  • Made of memory-foam like material
  • Ultra-thick PVC puncture resistant materials to keep you afloat
  • Over-sized cup holder phone and devices
  • Comfort-air technology
  • 12 hour power bank to charge unit, phone, and devices
  • Inflates and deflates within one minute
  • Wireless, waterproof surround sound speakers
  • 80-18K Hz audio with 20W amplifier
  • Dual 60mm subwoofers
  • IPX 6/7 waterproofing
  • 12 hour battery life (when played at medium volume)
  • Touch sensitive waterproof pouch for your smartphone or tablet
  • Built-in speakers for hands-free calls and play music
  • 75 ft. outdoor Bluetooth range
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth smartphones and devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod, Samsung Galaxy/Android)
  • Triple-sealed
  • Charge time: 3-5 hours
  • Intuitive controls and LED indicators
  • Max. weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Size: 73" L x 38" W x 5" H

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