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Massive Floating Obstacle Course

Massive Floating Obstacle Course

Massive Floating Obstacle Course

If you've always wanted to challenge yourself on one of those obstacle course television game shows, have a ton of cash to burn, and utterly bored with pool floats, then this cool new AquaGlide Challenge Circuit 1 is the perfect solution. This massive inflatable floating obstacle course is over 42 feet long and 32 feet wide of modular sections designed to thwart players trying to race around. It features sections that bounce you into the water, force you to climb, crawl or leap, and even a narrow beam for jousting opponents. Way cooler than sliding down a wet plastic sheet covered in grass clippings in the backyard.

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  • Floating raceway course that challenges up to 60 participants at a time to navigate its obstacles
  • Course is boarded at four points using swim steps equipped with molded handles
  • Four raised, webbed rebounding platforms at each corner require nimble negotiation to avoid ejection into the water
  • Twin climbing obstacles require participants to decide if climbing over their inflated beams is quicker than crawling through a handful of arches
  • 2'-wide "beam" - an ideal spot for water-noodle jousting matches
  • Two-section water "pit"
  • Commercial-grade, reinforced PVC and treated to block damaging UV rays
  • Radio-frequency and hot-air welded seams provide maximum durability for years of dependable play
  • Sections connect with heavy-duty stainless steel fittings and nylon straps for modular use
  • Requires anchoring in at least 5' of water
  • Inflates in 2 hours using the included electric pump - deflates in 30 minutes
  • Size: 42' L x 32' W

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