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Wooden Fractal Jigsaw Puzzles

Wooden Fractal Jigsaw Puzzles

Looking for a jigsaw puzzle challenge? Well, forget putting together an easy jigsaw puzzle with a picture on it and step into the advanced realm of interconnected geometric shapes when you attempt to solve these cool new Wooden Fractal Puzzles. These mind-bending wooden puzzles are crafted in the USA from precision cut plywood that's finished with a warm brown aniline toner and come in three different versions: Aztec (inspired by right-angle geometry of ancient Aztec art), Fractal A, or Fractal Flowsnake. Good luck.


  • Fractal geometry meets jigsaw art in these mind-bending plywood puzzles
  • Unlike conventional pictorial puzzles, the challenge is to complete an interconnected but ever-shifting geometric field
  • Finished with a warm brown aniline toner
  • Mesmerizing composition offers a challenge to entice any puzzle lover
  • Aztec (28 pieces) - inspired by the right-angle geometry of ancient Aztec art
  • Fractal A (23 pieces)
  • Fractal Flowsnake (22 pieces)
  • Materials: plywood, aniline toner
  • Made in Grand Rapids, Michigan USA

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