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Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor Snowball Fight

Indoor Snowball Fight

This cool new Snowtime Anytime Indoor Snowball Fight is a container filled with fake indoor snowballs that have a realistic feel and crunch to them, but are soft, safe, and perfect for pelting your family, friends, and co-workers all year long. Each pre-packed snowball is a generous 3" in diameter and come in various packs from 6 up to 40, depending on the size of your epic snowball fight. Best of all, these fun faux snowballs never melt, give frostbite, or are strangely yellow with a rock in the middle like the outdoor versions.

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  • Packages of 6-40 soft yet crunchy faux snowballs
  • Have an indoor snowball fight anytime with no mess
  • Soft enough to be kind to people and furniture but also oddly crunchy like a real snowball
  • Size: 3" Diameter

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