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Six Flags Banzai Falls Mega Racer

Six Flags Banzai Falls Mega Racer

Six Flags Banzai Falls Mega Racer

When we were kids, all we really had for summer fun was the hose, a yard sprinkler, a water ballon, an inflatable pool, a slip and slide and a cheap plastic squirt gun. I really envy the aquatic offerings of the modern age kid. Not only do they have Super Soakers that can hose down the "enemy" from 30 feet, they also now appear to have gigantic water park worthy speed slides for the backyard like the new Six Flags Banzai Falls Mega Racer! Not only does it have dual 22 foot long waterslides, it also has a giant splash pool and a climbing wall! The good news for parents is that they don't have to blow it up manually like the old days because it has a built-in blower that can inflate it in under 3 minutes. Even better news, it has a weight limit of 400 pounds so when the kids head in to get back to their video games we can sneak in a few races as well!

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