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Soapstone Cooking Press

Soapstone Cooking Press

Soapstone Cooking Press

This cool new Soapstone Cooking Press from designers Steven Chavez and Justin English is a unique cooking press made from soapstone that naturally absorbs and holds heat to ensure even heat distribution while cooking. To use, just place it in a pan and heat them both together before placing on top of grilled cheese sandwiches, any other sandwich, quesadillas, vegetables, and more. The press itself is made from 100% soapstone with a handle crafted from ash wood and steel. A unique, non-rusting alternative to the typical cast iron press.

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  • Designers: Steven Chavez and Justin English
  • Soapstone naturally absorbs and holds heat, making it the ideal material for a cooking press
  • Heat up a pan with the press inside, until both are as hot as you want
  • Sandwiches and vegetables need just a few minutes under the hot press to reach browned, toasty, melty magnificence
  • "Grill" veggie burgers, veggies like eggplant, asparagus, and zucchini, and any sandwich that could be improved by a good toasting
  • Experiment with fritters, bar cookies, and quesadillas, or perfect your signature grilled cheese
  • Materials: soapstone, ash wood, steel
  • Hand wash after use with warm soapy water
  • Size: 8" L x 6" W x 3" H (with handle)

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