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Behave Christmas Sweatshirt

Behave Christmas Sweatshirt

Behave Christmas Sweatshirt

Not all Christmas sweaters need to be so ugly. Sometimes they can be a quite fashionable and appropriate. Sometimes they can be light-hearted with a warm seasonal greeting or pattern on them that those you love and cherish will find poignant and festive. Sometimes they can just send a stern warning to all the super naughty ones out there on the verge of getting coal or worse in their stocking from a fully armed jolly Santa Claus holding a powerful mini gun, like this cool new Behave Christmas Sweatshirt. Behave! Sure, it's a sweatshirt and not a sweater, but I doubt that will be the thing that people notice first when you show up at the Christmas party. You better watch out... You better not cry...

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