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Letter to Santa Magic Mailbox

Letter to Santa Magic Mailbox

Letter to Santa Magic Mailbox

How can anyone trust something as important as a Letter to Santa Claus to actually get delivered to the North Pole in time with the typical local Post Office? In addition to the high postage prices for extreme Arctic delivery, you're really going to need additional tracking and proof of signature on that letter as well. There's a much easier and less expensive way to get your wish list to Santa directly (no, he doesn't use the Internet or have a phone)... this cool new Mr. Christmas Santa's Enchanted Mailbox.

To use this magical mailbox, just write a letter to Santa Claus with a list of all the cool new stuff you want for Christmas, insert it into the mailbox, raise the flag, and it instantly disappears and teleports all the way to Santa's office at the North Pole. Go ahead and double check inside, because it will have magically vanished into thin air.

I could try and explain how it all works, but it involves super complicated, mind-bending physics involving sub-quantum tachyon particles that travel faster than the speed of light to deliver the message to Santa in the past... so he has enough time to make your stuff, obviously. This is also how he delivers all the toys in one night all around the world, but again it's all very complicated stuff that only elves are smart enough to truly understand. Just think of it as magic.

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