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ID Guard Stamp

ID Guard Stamp

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Identity theft is on the rise and we all try to take the proper precautions online, but what about offline in the paper trail world? There are plenty of criminal snoopers out there lurking around in the trash and going through recycling bins looking for confidential data on bills, invoices, financial statements, magazines, junk mail and more. Sure you could shred everything, but that's way too time consuming and many recyclers don't take shredded confetti. The solution is to simply hide your personal data with this cool new ID Guard Stamp.

The ID Guard Stamp is an easy way to obscure personal information you want kept confidential. Just stamp it down over anything you want to permanently hide and it covers it with a unique jumbled pattern using a special oil-based ink that won't come off and cannot be deciphered from either side of the page. It's more environmentally friendly and less expensive than using a shredder and it gets 1,000 impressions per replaceable inkpad.

Now if you're really paranoid and want to be extra secure, just do the following. First, stamp your document with the ID Guard Stamp, then shred it, burn the shreddings, rinse the ashes in water, bottle everything and shake vigorously, then launch it all into outer space towards the sun. By this point it should be just about 100% destroyed and unrecoverable, but pray there aren't any shady intergalactic aliens out there with advanced aquatic ash deciphering technologies looking to steal a new Earthling identity!

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