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Slide-Out Mailbox Extender Tray

Slide-Out Mailbox Extender Tray

Slide-Out Mailbox Extender Tray

Tired of pulling up to your curbside mailbox as close as possible with your car and the mail inside is still way too far in the back to reach without unbuckling the seatbelt or getting out? Well, I am. The solution is to insert this cool new Slide-Out Mailbox Extender Tray into your mailbox and then simply pull it out towards you for easy reach after the mail arrives. It easily snaps into most standard sized rural mailboxes, is made from durable, bright red plastic in the USA, and won't crack or dent. A great way to finally reach the mail from your car without swearing under your breath each time it's out of reach or taking off the side mirror in the process.

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  • No more straining or dangerous lean-out-the-window to get your mail
  • No more mail stuck in the back of the mailbox
  • Allows mailbox to be further from curb to reduce damage from vehicles
  • Snaps easily Into most #1 size rural mailboxes (See Product Description below)
  • Made in U.S.A. 100% Plastic. Won’t Dent or Crack. Rich Fade-Proof Red Color

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